Hello, World!

March 01, 2019

I just installed the Blog Starter from Gatsby.

I’ll treat this blog as an anything-goes blog and I’ll be dumping random thoughts that do not fit the format of Facebook or Twitter.

The only consistency you can expect from this blog is inconsistency, sometimes I’ll be posting stuff about development in English, sometimes I’ll be posting stuff about rhythm games in Spanish and maybe someday I’ll post something in Mandarin because why not? hahahaha. I would love to translate everything I write, but as you can notice from the barebones install I’m just going for the basics.

Maybe someday I’ll organize these random thoughts into a proper blog, well, actually I’ll definitely separate and translate the stuff about my upcoming rhythm game whenever the time comes to build the official website.

Aldo Fregoso

(This bio was left intentionally unchanged)

Written by Aldo Fregoso who lives and works in Mexico City building useful things.